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SOLARFOX® Solar Display Systems | SOLEDOS GmbH 

Solarfox® lets you ‘see’ the power!

Solarfox® displays present the performance and capacity data of your photovoltaic facility/plant in a unique way. The data is displayed in several appealing and attractive diagrams that can be customized with individual logos, advertisements, or images.

The advantages of Solarfox® displays:

  • Visualization of the performance and capacity of your photovoltaic facility/plant
  • Data evaluated in daily, monthly, yearly or total values
  • Internet access and configuration mean data logger can be installed at any location
  • Comparison of CO2 savings versus oil, gas, and coal Comparison of CO2 avoidance
  • Advertising space and customized content for installers, retailers, and suppliers.

Solarfox ® displays are already used worldwide and enjoy a  growing popularity. As a young company, we benefit from the growing market of "Renewable  Energies". With Solarfox ® you can expect an interesting job with a pleasant and modern working  environment.